How do you read code in 95 Mustang?

I meant to say not!! OBDII. So I don't know the code. I will try the parts store option. Good advice there. thanks.
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Hmm yeah, I missed that. They went OBDII around 95-96? I used to have a reader and code book for my 86GT. They are a little harder to get codes from. Not sure if the stores still do the EEC-IV testing and there was a series of (Key on engine off, key on engine on) diagnostics. Seems I saw the readers somewhere real cheep. But get the codes and check back here, also check these codes
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don't tell you the cause but help trouble shoot it.
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It depends on the vehicle, a 95 CV/Marquis is, a 95 E2500 not so much. Lack of an ODBll plug is obvious, but having one doesn't mean it is 100% compliant. One quick way to get a clue is goto and see what the support is for a 1995 Mustang.
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