How hot could you build a naturally-aspirated 5.0L?

Just what could you do to the engine to keep it street legal, running on
premium gas and be ok for regular (not every day) driving? Seems like
today, most people just slap on a supercharger or use NOS.
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Thus spake Rich :
Stroke it to 354? Go to 12:1?
I don't consider NOS to be something other than a quick shot pump up. And a supercharger is just too cranky for some folks to drive. And turbos can tear up your cats if you don't have a super design.
The stroker concept would be my best bet, followed by a more agressive cam.
Street legal on which streets? Texas/New Mexico/Oklahoma? Or Granola?
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Dillon Pyron
Hi Rich, I'm curious about which "5.0" you're referring to. That wonderful 5.0 badge has been around for many years - I've got it on my 1984 Capri. The 2010 Mustang didn't have a 5.0, but it did have a 4.6L SOHC V8 with 315 HP. The 5.0 badge is back on the 2011 Mustang - 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 with 412HP. Of course, Shelby and others had versions of the 5.0 but I don't know the specs. I certainly don't mean to be picky, I'm just curious.
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dickr2 wrote in news:uAWDo.27359$ snipped-for-privacy@newsfe14.iad:
The late 1980's Mustang 5.0L.
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