Muscle Car Mania, In Germany?!

Got to love this: "Some years ago a lot of kids wanted to have a BMW 3
Series,=94 Mr. Becker continued. =93Now all those kids want to have a Ford
Mustang. The Ford Mustang is the new BMW 3.=94
Seems the Germans, get it!
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one of the fun-ist cars I ever drove was a 4 cylinder ford on the German autobone back in the 1980's, the car was German not with the USA EPA restrictions and would go all out about 120 and loud too I think it had a lot of displacement.
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The NYTimes to my surprise actually carried a story of detroit Iron in Iran some time back. Iran. Yes, Iran. People are people -everywhere-.
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For all the videos I have found on youtube alone there must be huge numbers of detroit iron roaming around that country... all of course to be destroyed by blood lust of government and 'glass parking lot' types.
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