Need information on removing a starter in a 02 Mustang GT

Long story short I'm retired (by near 15 years) my son's GF has a mustang GT
with a 4.6L V8 (I let my aligator mount overload my bird dog butt)
Starter is gone and I'm (self) elected to do the replacement. I can get the
two obvious mounting bolts out but can't seem to reach the third (part not
knowing how and part a bad case of arthritis)
I've been all over the web and more copies of aftermarket service manuals
than I care to admit. No Joy.
Any help with the process and/or the location of some decent pictures would
be greatly appreciated.
Espically appreciated would the some info on the 'unpublished' ways to get
this done.
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I've not had to do that, but I slept in a Holiday Inn before, jk, and also did a search for you
formatting link
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Thanks, useful but not encouraging.
I may have to have the young lady's help as she has small hands and can likely get into places where my meat hooks can't pass.
I'm still open to suggestions, ideas and links.
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Thanks. I managed to get it done with the help of my 10. y.o. grand daughter. Her hands were small enough and her dad had taken the time to teach her how to work on cars, tucks, engines etc. Basically all I had to do was hand her the tools she needed.
I recall my talk with my son when she was 4 and wanted to help her dad work on whatever it was that involved tools. He complained that it took 2 or 3 times longer to get the job done. I remained him that there world come a time when she would find other interest then working on the old car with dad. He took my advice and she's now one heck of a mechanic.
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