New Web Startup Company India=92s first 24/7 medical assistance service has
tied up with to provide mobile payment gateway through
IVR and internet payment gateway through web.
Now reaching a doctor has become much more easier with this e-commerce
health solution.
Now user can speak to a doctor over a toll free 1800 1030 365 with as
low as 60 rupees,
However is also providing year long free service for
premium customer who are paying just 365 Rs per year.
When service is useful to you?
* Have a non-emergency medical issue and cannot reach a doctor
Have a sexual problem cannot discuss with a doctor face to face?
* Want to know disease information and best treatment available?
I have a personal condition want to discuss with a doctor?
* Have kids and not sure how to use the medication?
Need a short-term solution or medical advice?
* Need a second opinion from our physician?
I am traveling and cannot reach a doctor?
* I need a physiological counseling?
Just Follow These Simple Steps And Resolve Your Issue
STEP 1 Register with us at
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and become a member and get your unique ID.
STEP 2 Talk to a Doctor by calling our toll free number 1800 1030 365
with your Membership ID.
STEP 3 Resolve your issue The doctor recommends the right medical
advice based on your symptoms.
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