Ok Ok - - my first car 1960 chevie

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except the one I bought never looked as good as that one, I bought mine in
1970 for $100 out of a farmers field in Florida, it was their hunting car
and the tie rod had broke, it also had a thick coat of blue housepaint,
shocks were gone, so it floated down the road, 6-banger, the floors were
rusted out except for drivers side - I sold the car to two guys who need to
drive around on a weekend for $50 (I put 10K miles on it), and they sold it
for $25. Who knew they would become classic? (it also had christmas lights
in the grill)
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On Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:20:06 -0600, "biofilm" wrote:
I had a Crown Vickie my parents gave me, but the first car I actually bought and paid for myself was an old Morris Minor, 4 door, 4 speed, 4 banger. It was painted blue.... with a brush.... after it had been driven on the beach and before it had been cleaned. I could pop bubbles in the paint and sand would roll out. There were hairs from the brush stuck in the dry paint. The exhaust pipe had broken off right behind the muffler, so the guy shoved a piece of plumbing pipe into the muffler and wired it in place. Unfortunately, the pipe was about 3/4 the size needed to fill the hole. The car had a radio out of an old Dodge. It took up about 2/3 of the inside of the dash. The wiring for it consisted of old bare wire/glass insulator television antenna wire. The car caught fire the night we brought it home. The tires were rotten and three were bald. The brakes barely worked. I ended up backing into my father's brand new Ford Fairlane 'wagon. It dented his hubcap and caved in my bumper. Doing some followup, I learned that the engine had been a basket case. The owner had taken it apart and ended up carrying it in boxes to a local garage to reassemble. What a great car... and only $75.00.
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D E Willson
I have fond memories of my 1st car. A 1950 Chev 2 dr. sedan that I purchased in 1956 (I was a teen then). It had the 216 cu 6 cyl engine that I modified with dual carbs and dual exhausts. I had it customized, painted a metallic maroon, and pinstriped. it was a beauty, and I still had it when I purchased a 1963 Chev Impala with the 340 HP 409 engine. I traded the 1950 to a friend for a beautiful, sporterized Springfield 1903A3 30.06 rifle. A couple of years later the 1963 was traded in for a 1965 Chev "family" type car. A couple of "family" cars later, I regained my sanity and purchased a nice 1968 Camaro SS/RS 350/300hp that I eventually sold. After having a couple more of the crappy cars that Chevrolet produced in the 1970s, I purchased a 1977 Mustang II. It wasn't the Cobra version, mine had the V6. It was still fun!
I've been a Ford guy ever since, but I wish I had the foresight and the means to store the 1950, 1963 and 1968 in a mouse proof garage. Those cars would be worth their weight in gold today.
Memories Dick in MN 1984 Capri RS 5.0, 2010 Ford Flex, 1998 Ford Escort
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So many of us wish we'd had the foresight and real estate to store many of our old cars. Surprisingly, at least half the cars I owned, some of which were not considered much in their day, turned out to be "classic" to a greater or lessor degree some years later.
Of today's crop of jelly beans and me-too cars it's hard to imagine very many of them being sought after 25 years from now.
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