Recommended model years for used Mustang purchase

Was looking to help my son purchase his first car. He wants a Mustang. Was wondering if anyone could recommend good model years to target and/or model years to stay away from?
We'll most likely go GT with a V8. Probably 2007 or before to keep the price within reason. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
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Jason Baker
Unless you are specifically looking for a project or a classic and do not want to worry about repairs I always recommend the newer the better. For instance, my modified 89 just shy of 400HP will get 12MPG, on the sticker it says IIRC 13 or 14 and was subject to a "gas guzzler" tax in the 80s and 90s. The current GT rolls off the lot with 420 HP and can get 26MPG on the highway. The refinements on cars are better every year as well.
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