Are you watching the Barrett-Jackson auto auction?

Lots of beautiful cars and lots of people with lots of
money. I'm seeing many cars that bring back wonderful memories
of cars I've owned or lusted for.
A 2006 Ford GT (not to be confused with the GT40) just sold for
$240,000. The GT was only produced in 2005 & 2006.
Back in 2009 when we were in South Carolina, I brought my Ford
van into O.C. Welch Ford in Hardeeville, SC for service. While
I was waiting I checked out the cars on the showroom floor and
spotted 2 Ford GTs. I don't know if they were new or gently
used, but they were beautiful. No price sticker on these
beauties - if you have to ask the price, you probably can't
afford it.
I've been a Ford guy for 30 years, but before that, I had Chevys.
I wanted a 63 Corvette split window, but purchased a new 63 Chev
Impala with a 409 engine. Later on I purchased a 1968 Camaro SS/RS
with a 350/300HP engine. This show brings back so many wonderful memories.
My New Year resolution is to get my Fox body 1984 Capri RS out of
storage and get it running. It's been in storage for 3 years and
it will need fuel tank and fuel lines drained, carb rebuilt, and
other things done to get it running. It only has 68,000 miles on
it and the body is very solid.
Back to watching Barrett-Jackson.
Dick in MN
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Dick R.

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