Rough running 302

My daily driver is a 1989 LX 5.0. Today I was driving it to the next
town over, and by the time I got there the engine was running rough
and there was a little bit of smoke coming from under the hood that
smelled like oil. I just added ATF and power steering fluid
yesterday, but not oil so it didn't come from spilling oil onto the
headers or anything like that. I looked under the hood and couldn't
see anything wrong. Anybody have any suggestions where I should start
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Is the ATF filled via the dipstick tube? Sorry, I can't remember when I had an Automatic. Not really in the area of, but kind of close, the PCV maybe got knocked loose? If you didn't already check, it's near the firewall, behind the intake manifold. It could drip a little oil and make the motor run rough. That's all I can think besides a valve cover leaking onto a plug wire. But you say you looked.
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.0. =A0Today I was driving it to the next
The ATF fill tube is on the passenger side just forward of the firewall, just above the header. I drove the car again then lifted the hood while the engine was hot (it had been parked a couple hours the first time) and found a little smoke coming from around the area of the PCV valve. I didn't think to check the valve, but I will.
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