Semi Hemi Boss 429

Can some one help me out?
Restoring Dad's old 69 Boss 429
Funky Overhead cam V8
Any one know what it might be worth?
Hope to have it finished over the summer in time for my senior year.
I plan on making this my honda eater at grudge night on the weekends.
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Steel Pig
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Man, this one I gotta see..... a 429 with overhead cams would be worth mega-bux. Slightly less rare might be a 427 with SOHC....
Instead of coming across like the big man on campus, you wind up looking like a whifflebanger...
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Jim Warman
Well, I can only think of two things at this point.
1. You're confused. There's no such animal as a 429 OHC. 2. You're FOS.
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Just give the car to me, it's worth less, nobody wants those ;)
seriously, you have no clue what a boss 429 is?
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Brent P
I figured since he didn't know what a boss 429 really was, I figured he doesn't understand the difference between overhead valve and overhead cam either.
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Brent P
in news:TQfgc.151381$gA5.1815820@attbi_s03:
I stand corrected.
Not OHC but is a boss 429 with that humongous wide hood scoop.
Most of my car experience is with Ricers.
Now that I am out of school I want to try and resotre this old Car.
I figure I can learn to work on this without a computer.
It is a little bent but not too bad. Do not want to use too much Bondo so maybe someone knows of a good body shop that is not too expensive. It has been sitting for almost 15 years so I think it needs a good going through.
Anyone know of a good cheap body shop East of San Francisco?
Where can I get parts?
I would like to restore as a driver not a show car.
My Mom is mailing me all the original papers including the window sticker.
I think this would be a cool car to take to school I am selling my Honda to pay for fixing up the old Mustang.
any help would be nice.
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Steel Pig
"Steel Pig" wrote
Yes they came with a huge scoop. In '69 they were body color, in '70 they were black. And yes, the motor is HUGE also.
I'm deeply sorry.
To do a real Boss justice it'll take alot of devotion to the project and alot of $$$$.
It's alot easier without a stinkin computer getting in the way. IMHO
In general parts are easy to find. Almost everything is reproduced, however, Boss specific stuff is harder to come by if you want it done correctly.
Just my opinion, but a car that rare should NOT be used as a daily driver. It should be babied and pampered and brought out for cruising or shows or the occasional jaunt down the quarter to "blow it out" a bit. Again, that's just my opinion. Turning it into a daily driver would be taking too big a risk at making an extremely rare and extremely valuable car into a pile of crap with an accident. Have you checked the price guides on this car? You should!!! If it's real anyways.
Good, that increases the value. I'd get a Marti report also.
Nooooooo, This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a car that should be used as a daily driver, especially to college. Besides you'll get really shitty gas mileage compared to the Honda. I'd keep the honda for everyday driving. And it'd probably get stolen fairly quickly. The first person who knows what it is and has no scruples will take it. The '69 Boss 429 is basically the holy grail of Mustangs, right next to the '67 Shelby GT500. The perfect balance between design and performance.
Do your research FIRST. I'm guessing you have NO idea what you have there. If you want a daily driver mustang, then sell the Boss and get a plain jane small block. Hell you could get several plain jane 'stangs for what that boss is worth. NADA has the average retail price on a '69 Boss 429 at $85,925!!! In perfect condition they pull over $120,000. This is NOT a daily driver!!! Especially when you can get a restored '69 V8 sportsroof for ~$15,000.
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66 6F HCS
"66 6F HCS" wrote in news:a4ydnS
Selling it is not an option. There is much family history in this car. My uncle use to borrow it from dad and smoke the doors off other cars on cruise night. they used to sit there with a a stopwatch timing the lights on the cross just waiting for the green.
It is not in perfect condition.
Wrinkled quarter panel. Fender and front end bent. slight front end damage. rear window slats stolen by some ass who snapped them off at the hinges. Needs carpet and new seat upholstery. Needs lots of work... but I still think I want to use it as a weekend driver. got my two wheeler for daily use. and the S2000 was cool but a mistake (two seaters suck)
I hope to finance the resto with the s2000
guess I have my work cut out for me.
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Steel Pig
"Steel Pig" wrote
Not many better reasons to keep it than that.
They never are. :)
That makes the most sense.
You could probably make the down payment with the S2000. It's gonna cost alot more than you think it will, especially if you want it done right.
Yes, you certainly do. Good luck and don't give up. It'll be worth it!
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66 6F HCS
CobraJet wrote
They ought to be good quality. Any high school junior who's already got a Honda S2000 AND a motorcycle and now has taken over the keys to the family Boss 429 ought to have a top of the line Nikon digital tucked away in the sock drawer, if not a Leica.
It would be even worse if this story were true. Imagine the loss of face to the Blue Oval when some 17 year old kid shows up at the local cruise spot in a Boss 9 without a single straight body panel and a rotted interior and proceeds to lose every race against his buddies' fart-canned Civics (just like he's doing now in his S2000). Makes you shudder to think, doesn't it?
180 Out TS 28
P.S. "East of San Francisco"? -- that covers alot of territory!!!
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180 Out

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