Old Original 2001 Prius

At 60,000 there have been remarkably few "issues" : tires, rusted trim
on the wheel hubs. Recently I think I'm hearing some exhaust noise but
it might be my immagination (I hope). I'd like to hear other's
experiences with older Prius, & thanks ...
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Stephen G. Giannoni
Wow, 13 years and only 60,000 miles!
We have a 2014 which is not quite as old as yours. After about 80 days I've had to replace the horn because it was too wimpy, replace the driver's door window glass, and wash the car five times. I've had to add gasoline three times (it's a plug-in and commute use is just within the electric-only range of around 13-15 miles).
I've gotten three letters from Sirius-XM begging me to subscribe to satellite radio.
The engineering on the Prius is impressive. But I really miss our 2007 Camry Hybrid that the daughter unit took to college! Yesterday I traded our 1996 Camry with my daughter temporarily so I could get some of the 2007 Camry recalls done. After driving the 2007 Camry over CA 17 I realize how how utilitarian the Prius is. The Camry is much quieter and handles better, essentially Toyota's version of a Lexus.
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