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I'm looking for a first car for my daughter. She wants something small, and I want something fuel efficient. The Gen 2 (2004-2009) Priuses (Prii?) are in my price range (<$6K), but every damn one I've found has over 150K miles on the odometer and quite a few have over 250K miles. Since the main power to the wheels is shared between the battery and the little put-put engine in this vehicle, should I not let the miles bother me as much? How many miles can these things go without an expensive battery swap?
What else should I look for? I'm already feeling greedy and want navigation, backup camera, JBL sound system, and fog lamps -- like I enjoy with my recently-purchased Toyota Solara. I think that puts me in the "Touring" trim line for the Gen 2 Prius, but I'm not sure. I've only been shopping for one online for about 48 hours.
Any tips?
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The Gen 3's engine is 1.8 L, while the Gen 2 engine is 1.5 L. I don't know how much more hp that is, but I doubt it if it's a whole lot.
I'm not even looking at Gen 4, since they're well over my budget. I do dig those "lightning bolt" LED rear tail lights though. Those things rock.
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On 19 May 2019, unclejr posted some news:
You can buy a refurbished matched battery from green tec auto for $1000.
They work like a champ.
As for the mileage, we put one of those batteries in a 2010 Prius with 350,000 miles on it. Battery was dead, horrible mileage. We bought the car that was in otherwise decent shape for $1,400, changed the battery now mileage is like a new car. Needs brakes next.
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Or you can use the one of many suppliers on craigslist for about half that price that rebuild the pack with OEM cells. Many times there is just a bad cell or two. Replacing these and re-balancing the pack is all that's needed to resolve the problem. They bring a replacement pack to you and install in about an hour.
The triangle error message is not the end of the world. Many times the erro r can be cleared with a $20 obd-II tool that has wireless connection to you r phone and the car continue to provide good services for months and years down the road.
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