Prius 2009 with 100K miles: buy or pass?

Hi all,
My friend is selling his Prius 2009 with about 100300 miles on it. It's a s
tandard hatchback, and he said he will have it pass the state inspection an
d emissions tests (we are in Maryland) before selling. He is asking $9500.
He also said that 2 recalled parts are being replaced currently at the deal
The car apparently has been in an accident, and my friend had to replace th
e rear door on the driver side. He claims that the accident was not a major
one, and that the exterior and interior of the car are in excellent condit
I have never owned a hybrid vehicle. Would you have any advice on whether I
should seriously consider buying this car, especially since the car has so
many miles on it in 5 years, and it has been in an accident? What are some
specific things I need to find out about this car if I seriously consider
buying it?
Is the price he is asking too high? KBB value is ~$9K for very good conditi
on. I wouldn't say that the car is in excellent condition given the acciden
Thank you,
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My 07 has 126K on it, had a couple of accidents, runs great.
That being said, I call crack pipe on that price. $5500, maybe, and be prepared to go up to $6K.
Some of that *might* depend on what package level it is, though. But overall, with used cars you should always use the attitude car dealers have when they're looking at a potential trade-in: "we don't care if you have the leather and premium sound; our buyers are looking for the basics and don't care about any extras, so we can't pay for that".
Big issue: drive it around for an hour or so, mixed highway/city, and observe the gas mileage. Reset the meter on the dash and see what you get on your drive. Drive it like you normally would any other car, climate control on and everything. In current MD weather, anything under 43-44mpg average is a red flag.
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