Rover 75. Horn operation w.r.t. ignition switch

Yesterday, a child ( age estimated 5-7 yrs old ) was left in charge ( in
the driver's seat )of a Rover 75 in my road with the engine running and
the lights on main beam.
He proceeded to annoy the the residents by sounding the horn incessantly.
The car's driver claims he left the car and took the keys with him. I
know this to be untrue since the engine was still running but proving
this will be difficult.
However if the Rover 75 has an interlock between the ignition system and
the horn as some vehicles do, it will be easy to prove the 'parent' a liar.
Does anyone know the answer to this ?
Thanks, Graham
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FWIW, on my Rover 214 (1991) the horn plays even when the key is out (if I remember correctly - I don't usually play the horn just for fun ;-).
We should hear from a 75 owner, though.
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Am 04.12.2009 00:27, schrieb Eeyore:
On my Rover, a 75 Tourer, the horn plays even when the key is out. I´ve made a check, turn off the engine, took the key, lock the door from inside with the rc and press the horn-button.
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