93 explorer wont stay running unless maf is uplugged.

93 ford explorer 4wd 4.0 v6 I have replaced the tps, the iac the actual maf and
another sensor i cant remember pretty much anything I could including the ecm.
When i put the new maf in it ran perfect for a few days then went right back to
not wanting to stay running unless the maf was unplugged. Basically with the
maf plugged in it will fire up and idle like it should sometimes the check
engine light is on at start sometimes not. I get in it and take off it hits
between 25 and 35 mph and it stalls the lights will even cut off like its losing
juice. I bought an odb1 and hooked it up it would just giving the same voltage
error on all the sensors. I have had the battery and the alternator tested.
Both came out good, I can unplug the maf and its fine itl get up to highway
speed and everything just its a gutless wonder. I have done so much to this
thing and I am kind of at a loss. I am hoping someone can help me with this
issue. I do have autozone ordering a replacement on the off chance I got a bad
maf since it did run great for a few days. What else could be causing this? Oh
and during the time it ran good with the new maf check engine light was off went
off after the first time I started the vehicle and drove it.
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So, what error codes have you got and have you thoroughly checked for vacuum leaks or any leaks in the plenum after the MAF?
When you unplug the MAF, the ECU goes into a limp-home mode where it disregards the MAF data and just runs everything way rich. What else does it disregard in the process? Possibly one of the other things it is disregarding is a problem, possibly it's bad data coming from the MAF.
The most common source of bad data coming from the MAF is air leaking into the system after the MAF. Sometimes a cracked plenum will be fine one day, then the next day leak like hell.
You say you "bought an odb1" and it was "giving the same voltage error on all sensors." What exactly did you buy and what was it for? --scott
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Scott Dorsey
The 4.0 has an issue with cracked intake plenum's letting in extra unmetered air. Fire it up and spray a bit of carb cleaner around the intake and listen for the engine to change.
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Steve W.

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