95 Nissan Quest Rotor Fused to Wheel Hub

I Tried removing the rotor, but it is fused to the wheel hub. Tried WD40 all over the place and a rubber mallett with no luck. Also tried a
blow tourch for a minute, and more hammering, no luck.
I figured I would remove the wheel hub, it seems to be fixed. I removed the large nut in the middle of the wheel hub and I am able to push the drive shaft bolt back, but the wheel hub doesn't budge. tried
using force, but came up with the same result.
I'm doing this for my girlfreind's family as a favor, fun stuff!
Thank you!
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Have you read the service manual procedure for removing the rotor and/or the hub? The hub is NOT retained just by the center bolt- that just holds the half-shaft to the hub. There are usually retaining bolts that hold the hub carrier in the steering knuckle. Remove them, then you can remove the hub and rotor assembly. I'm not famliar with exactly how the Villager/Quest setup is laid out, but what I've described is how most FWD hubs mount to the suspension.
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If the rotor is the slide-on type that sits against the hub, you're using the wrong technique. Do you have those empty little 8x1.25mm holes in the rotor's face?
Get an 8oz ball-peen hammer. Remove any rotor hold-down screws that may be in place.
Now tap the hammer's small end against the side of the "top hat" of the rotor, as close to the friction surface as you can without touching the friction surface. Don't be too gentle, but also don't whack the hell out of it.
Turn the rotor and keep tapping. Eventually the rust that's locking the rotor on will break up, fall out the bottom, and the rotor will begin to wiggle.
If the rotor is the sort that is bolted on from the back, or held on by some other means, I'm out of ideas.
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Use a wire brush to clean as much of the crap off the area between the hub and rotor. Now Take the WD 40 can, Walk to the trash can, Throw the WD40 can in the trash. Buy some PB Blaster and spray the cleaned are with it. Now take a heavy rubber mallet or a dead blow hammer and HIT that rotor around the outside. Hit at opposite sides and work your way around the rotor. Once you have it off use the wire brush and CLEAN up any rust or crud from the face of the hub and the rotor pilot. Put on a NEW rotor. The nut you have been playing with only removes the axle shaft. NOT the hub.
Now before you do much more it would be a VERY good idea to buy the correct service manual for the vehicle.
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Steve W.

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