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I am looking to buy a scanner, Recently I owned a SnapOn Solus, but I don't
now, it's gone let's just say. My shop does about 40% domestics, 40%
Asians, and the rest European. I am wondering if the solus is the best buy.
What do you automtoive professionals reccomend.
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If you don't need a scope the mtg2500 Snappy does just about every thing for professional use.
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Will this system work with European Fords??
If NO, can you recommend a similar system that will??
Thanks for the help.
John Hewitt, Malaga, Spain
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Are there any reasonably priced code readers that work with the Ford CAN interface? Will a 'normal' reader work at all on a Ford with CAN? Or is CAN only for the Ford proprietary codes?
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