Chevy venture rear alignment

back to driving trim. Put on new tie rod and got the front alignment close. it drives, but pulls slightly to the left. It seems to have always been a little wandery on the interstate since i had it It was an estate car. Well i did the string alignment trick and it seems to have some right rear toe in. I got a harbor freight digital angle meter cube with magnet, and stuck it on the steel wheels and hubs to try to check the cambers. The right rear was about .5 negative. A little more than spec but not outrageous. Now i checked the left rear and it was about 3 degrees negative!
Now i don't remember having any rear wheel trauma, but this was an estate car and my daughter was driving it for awhile...
So there is not a real adjustment on the rears per say. But i know you can shim the hub. But, my question is: Maybe the hub itself is bent and causing both excessive toe and negative camber. Nothing looks wrong underneath, but were not talking a huge amount of offset either (at least to be visual).
So, should i go ahead and get a new hub or what else should i check? I can do most of the work myself, but i don't want to take it in to get the final 4 wheel alignment and have them tell me i have to pay them $400 to put new hubs and such on it to do the job.
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Here are *some* specs for the 2001 Venture:
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You need a subscription for the rest, which I think is greedy bullshit. wheel alignment specs should be free and openly available on line! Communist BS!
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These are for 97-03 front wheel drive -
Front - Caster 2 7/8 degrees +- 1/2 Cross 0.0 Camber -11/16 +- 1/2 Cross 0.0 Front toe 0.0 +-3/16
Rear - Camber -1 +- 1/4 Toe - 0.0 +- 5/16 Thrust angle .15 (5/32")
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