Google keeps a log of all your electronic parts, brakes, tools, and automotive tires digital receipts emailed to your GMail account.

Do you know how to turn _off_ (or "pause" in Google parlance) this
seemingly long-term and apparently permanent receipt scanning of your
Google email?
If you're not aware of what's going on, I post this detailed example so
that you can be advised that Google apparently keeps a _separate_ log of
all digital receipts emailed to your GMail account, which is _separate_
from the normal privacy stuff that you can typically "pause" for privacy.
AFAIK, this is where your normal privacy stuff is set for Gmail accounts:
formatting link

This is the "special" scanning done of _all_ your tools/parts receipts:
formatting link

As far as I can tell, there's no way to turn this scanning off, where,
together, we can ascertain exactly _what_ Google considers the definition
of a "receipt", where the examples I found in _my_ email appear to include
stuff, and warranty registration cards, etc.
Since Usenet is a potluck picnic where adults strive to bring something of
value to the picnic table, I ask that you look at what is scanned in _your_
receipt cache, and report back to us so as to edify us of _other_ types of
"receipts" you find - where I will do my part by showing below the types of
things Google considers a "receipt" for this scanning & logging purpose.
Also, if you have special skills in the knowledge of _where_ we can
permanently turn this "receipt" scanning off, that would be helpful, since,
AFAICT, the best you can do, as shown here for an electronics purchase, as
far as I can tell at this point, is to completely delete the original
formatting link

One problem is that this scanning includes even _free_ electronics, tools,
and parts... for example, this femtocell cellular tower that my carrier
lent to me, at no cost, which is attached to my router to project as its
own micro tower (and my cellular repeater, which is another unit that the
carrier lent me, for free, since I'm thousands of feet on the top of a
mountain overlooking Silicon Valley, where my home is large & therefore
requires multiple cellular mini towers)
formatting link

Many of us are forced to purchase specialty electronics tools online, such
as is shown in this receipt for BMW factory & dealer diagnostic tools from
China, which, by the way, you can't obtain _except_ online, because this is
the both modified (i.e., hacked) versions of BMW coding software, and the
exact _same_ software that both the factory in Germany and the local
dealers use, including the ability to program the score of ECUs in the
bimmer (e.g.,EDIABAS, INPA, NCSExpert, NCS Dummies, EasyDIS, DIS/GT1 &
formatting link

Since I do all my own mechanical work, I learned to comprehend tire specs
so that I can purchase, online, the best tires possible, where I then have
them ship those tires to my home so that I can match mount and balance them
at my own convenience in my own garage, knowing the job is done perfectly
(you don't even want to know how many times tire shops cut corners in the
interest of "their" time and expense, when they are mounting & balancing
your tires!)
formatting link

Now, even Google knows that I save tons of money buying automotive
maintenance items online, where, for example, I got 6 better-than-OEM spec
tires for less than $100 each, match mounted, balanced, & installed.
formatting link

Google knows you've eliminated the middleman, for example, where I found
in the printed specs for the government-mandated material,
manufacturer, date, and cold/hot friction codes stamped on brake pads &
shoes, such that the manufacturer of these friction materials appreciated
talking to me enough to ask the warehouse to give me a discount on order
for brake pads and shoes, which now Google keeps track of:
formatting link

Outside of specialty electronics, tools, and automotive parts direct from
the manufacturer that you can only get on the net, here's a receipt for an
Amazon gift order from years ago, whom I'm sure many people buy from:
formatting link

Here's a receipt for clothing accessories bought from Nordstrom's:
formatting link

There's even a receipt containing all my details when I filled out a
tire-warranty registration card online with tire serial numbers:
formatting link

Unfortunately, I don't know yet how _turning off_ scanning is possible.
o Do you?
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Arlen G. Holder
Let me assure you that the new world order will come about on strictly a voluntary basis. :)
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New world order, in U.S.A.? Not Fake News: This will not make mainstream news and is aleady in the process of being expunged. More or less the same thing is happening in Africa. In at least one of his speeches G.H.W.Bush mentioned new world order at least 24 or 28 times.
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