how to use this battery charger- BRADEX

I inherited a car battery charger - BRADEX 8AMP. No instruction
It has a switch to select LOW and HIGH charge current. There's also a
current meter. That's about it. No other indications.
I'd like to try using it to charge my car battery which I suspect is
flat. So how do I use it? How do I know when to stop charging?
My car battery is a Century... 65AH printed on it.
Thanks for any guidance,
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The charger will show a very low rate on the meter. When it stop dropping for a couple of hours that is when you know the battery is fully charged. I have a 20 year old Bradex 4amp charger which I use on the low setting. It still charges the big battery on a 2,2 crd Pt Cruiser very well but takes time. As I am now retired that is not a problem
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I too have a steel lunchbox-style battery charger 50 years old, which pegs at 6amps on the dial.
On a dead battery, it will slowly drop from about 5 amps to less than about an amp, over time.
Then it will stay there below an amp, forever.
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Arlen Holder
Batteries should be charged at 10% the battery's amp hour rate. For a 40 AH battery, then 4 amps is perfect. By doing a slow recharge, you are not going to be gassing the battery much, if at all, and you reduce risk of internal damage (buckled plates) to the battery. You also reduce/break down sulphation in the plates.
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