Mazda Miata theft attempt?

I just finished repairing a slice in my sons vinyl top on his Miata after
someone got in and stole some cd's and sunglasses.
What was interesting is they jarred the passenger door inner panel loose
for no apparent reason other than I think they may be looking for a key code
for a later visit. Is there in fact a key code on a Mazda Miata (2001) in
the passenger door well? I fixed the door panel as well, but maybe the data
has already been obtained.... :(
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Key id is on the passenger side door lock - should be some sort of cover - peal off with a screwdriver and code appears. Could also be an additional key code in or above the glove box! If you think someone has in fact obtained key code - get your ignition key changed ASAP - park somewhere off the street until you do.. Sounds like some of your son's friends are (jealous) planning to take his car!!!
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Daryl Bryant
Considering the year it would much easier to just have Ford cut a Key via the VIN which is a much easier code to accquire. Most likely I'd say just a simple theft, though if you are concerned change out the lock clyinder.
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thanks folks. I have forwarded this to my son. He seems to think the entire panel was never pulled off but I cant for the life of me understand why they yanked the top along the window out, unless hey were trying to open the door first that way, then sliced the top. I'd opt for the new cylinder. He works for the parts dept anyway. :)
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