Serpintine belt alignment

lt noises. A new belt will fix it for awhile, but it always comes back. I w ould like to check and make sure all the pulleys are perfectly aligned with each other and thought about making a laser tool using an air pistol laser scope. I would like to mount it to a piece of channel iron that would fit into the grooved in the pulley. Does anyone know what the spacing is betwee n the grooves so as to know what size channel iron I need? Because it is he r daily driver, my access to it is very limited.
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You should be able to figure that out by looking at the belt... but the iron does not need to actually match the belt at all, it just needs to fit like a wedge inside that groove.
Now... that said... if there is an alignment issue you should be able to tell by looking at the belt with a magnifier because you should see different wear patterns on the two sides of each ridge.
It wouldn't hurt to check the alignment with a laser or gauge, but I'd first see if you can get a better quality belt. So many belt noise problems that I have seen have been the result of crappy chain store belts. --scott
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Scott Dorsey
in news:
if thats a 07 there is a good chance the tensioner spring is weak and replaceing it will stop that early glazing. KB
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Kevin Bottorff

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