Throttle position sensor

I was driving my wife's Nissan Cube and noticed that on occasions when stop
ped with engine running, depressing the throttle resulted in no increase in
engine RPM until the petal was about 1/4 to 1/2 fully depressed, once past
that mark the engine would suddenly rev quickly to what you would expect a
t that throttle setting. This made taking off from a stop with cars in fro
nt of you rather frightening since the car simply sat as the car line pulle
d away and suddenly the Cube would jump forward. (Think of a reostat with
the lower half not making contact then it hits a point where contact is ma
Took it to the Nissan dealer and the said they cleared some old codes and t
est drove it but could not find a problem.
Anyone know if a throttle petal sender unit which was sending a intermediat
e signal at part throttle would file a problem code with the system?
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Bob Nogueira
Depends entirely on the car. What year was it?
Some cars, the TPS is really just a switch that tells when it's at idle, other cars it's a real potentiometer that can have dead spots.
Some cars also have a mechanical airflow sensor which can behave this way. Others have hot wire sensors that fail differently.
And of course there is the ever popular mechanical issues with the butterfly valve although you'd expect even the dealer mechanics to be able to find that. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

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