Tire pressue monitor sensor replacement and cloning

t on and it is not the pressure. I have read these have batteries in them t hat typically last 5-10 years and once they go bad, the sensor needs replac ed. I work on all my own cars and would like a tool (short of the several thous and dollar factory scanner) that I could use to diagnose the bad sensor. I have been reading that a lot of replacement sensors are "programmable", mea ning you can clone the new sensor to the old one, using the id number on th e sensor. Doing this apparently bypasses needing the factory scan tool to p rogram a new sensor into the obdII on the car.
Does anyone have any experiences with this and do you have a tool you would recommend?
I found this:
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It would let me read each of the sensors, tell which one is bad, and activa te the new sensor. I think it will also program an MX brand sensor, but not sure on other brands.
There is also this:
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It clones the new sensor to the id of the old one. I think it actually also works for the NAPA brand replacement sensors.
What do you think?
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