RAV4 2006 vs 2007

Does anyone know what if any differences there are between
these two years?
I am thinking of replacing my 1991 Corolla wagon with a RAV4,
so if you have any experience with a RAV4 you would like to
share I'd be grateful.
What sort of real-world fuel consumption do you get? Did
they used to make the RAV4 with manual transmission once
upon a time? (Now, unfortunately it seems they only have
automatics available).
I was going to get a Subaru Legacy wagon, but the local
dealerships around here were so bad it put me off all together.
Plus I decided that I would like to have some sort of electronic
stability control.
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The Rav 4 was redesigned in 2006 and AFAIK, there are few, if any changes to the 2007.
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Ray O
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The JBL aufio upgrade now comes with bluetooth and costs about $300 more... :-)
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Mitchell Regenbogen
I just bought a 2006 a couple of weeks ago. I really like it so far. It replaced a 2002 CRV AWD LX. As far as I understand it, 2007 will have side curtain airbags standard (mine were installed as a factory option), JBL stereo with Bluetooth is an option, the MSRP is slightly higher (but actually works out lower if you wanted the side curtain airbags as the rise in MSRP is less than the cost of the airbags as an option in the 2006). I wanted a V6 but DH talked me into being economical and spending 2-3K less to get a 4WD Base I4. For a Base model it's pretty nice. It has some options like DRLs, 17" wheels, and the SCAirbags. I'm only on my second tank of gas but I got 24 mpg (70% city/30% hwy) from the first. I would have probably gotten a manual (had it in the CRV that the RAV4 replaced) although it would have been a bit of a fight as DH prefers automatics. HTH.
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Ah .. that is great news as I really want that feature.
I don't think manual is available any longer for this car ...
By the way, do you like the way it handles? I've only driven sedans and wagons, so this whole SUV (mini-SUV) experience would be new to me.
I did take one out for a test drive, but that was very short, not enough time to form an opinion. I plan to go back for more.
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Esmail Bonakdarian
See my answers embedded below...
Me too. I was very glad that seems to be a standard installed option for the 2006 models in the Mid-Atlantic area. Or I might have waited for an 07 which are just starting to trickle in around here...
You are correct. I'm sorry if I didn't word it well. IF it had been available I would have considered it. The 4 speed auto in mine works well although I really would have liked the 5 speed auto coupled with the V6 :-)
Definitely find somewhere that will give you more than a very short test drive. I like the way it handles. I also drive a 2000 Corolla LE (well until it recently decided to have some problems at 175000 miles) and a 2006 Ford Mustang. The RAV4 handles very much like a sedan to me although you sit higher which I like. I think it handles and feels better than my 02 CRV. My DH thinks it handles MUCH better than the CRV. He never wanted to drive it but we "fight" about driving the RAV4. It steers effortlessly, has a nice tight turn radius, very few blind spots. It's got a great amount of space. At first I thought I would try to find a third row model but after reading multiple reviews decided it wouldn't offer enough useful seating and would take up the great cargo area under the floor in the back of the vehicle. The 17" steel wheels that came on mine look okay. DH says the OEM tires will probably only last about 30K miles or so. When it's time to replace them, I might get alloy wheels. Oh and the standard sound system is ehhh...adequate but not great. I have too many other things I want to get like WeatherTech liners and such...oh and a tow kit (we had one on our CRV and used it a couple times a month for our utility trailer) to worry about spending money on the radio yet. My DH loves to comment about how many things come standard with this vehicle as opposed to the lack of standard features on our base model CRV. I think they offer a few more standard options on those now though. One thing that did bother me about the base model is the lack of body-colored rearview mirrors but I bought a dark blue one (Nautical Blue which is gorgeous when the sun shines on it) and the black mirrors go well with it. I would have hated them on a lighter colored vehicle. OK that's about as much as I can think of now. Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. Another excellent place to visit is
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I lurked there for a while during the research process leasing up to my purchase as I'll have this vehicle hopefully for at least 4-5 years.
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Yes, definitely will .. this was just to give me an idea if I even wanted to consider this car. I also drove a Matrix XR (really only on the urging of the sales person) and I confirmed that I didn't want that one.
Glad to hear .. I don't want something top-heavy and likely to roll over.
I certainly will, thanks for offering, and thanks for the URL to rav4world, I already poked my head in there.
Best, Esmail
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