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Re: Toyota creates self-drifting Supra
El 16/1/21 a las 21:45, Your Name escribió: Wonderful!
2 weeks ago
Does the inverter in my 2006 Highlander Hybrid at 75k miles put me at risk for a 7 hour drive?
We just planned a 7 hour (each way) vacation trip - (first serious outing since the pandemic began) but now I'm wondering if it's safe to take our car. I've just read a few stories of the hybrid...
6 months ago 1
2016 Avalon Limited Rough Ride
Love most everything about my 2016 Avalon Limited except the rough ride. You can feel most every bump, crack and sewer/manhole cover on the road. I know Toyota gave this trim model a "sportier"...
7 months ago 1
98 Toyota Corolla headlights
My headlights cut on when Car Cranks up but in like 10 sec they both cut off does anyone know what that will be?
10 months ago
i have a toyota 94 camry xle. checklight is on, and shows, cylinders 2,4, and 6 misfiring, plus egr problem I have changed all plugs, plus the egr. PROBLEM IS THIS, WHEN I TURN THE IGNITION ON, I HAVE...
1 year ago
Speaking of Press
Hit em in the wallet and again?!! California won't buy cars from GM, Chrysler or Toyota because they sided with Trump over emissions. If California stopped buying cars from companies because those...
1 year ago 2
Land Cruiser and the Fiestone air-ride helper air bags
I have installed (professionally by a dealer that does this sort of stuff) the Firestone air bags that go inside the rear coil springs. For the THIRD time, the air lines have kinked. This, of course,...
1 year ago
Remove exhaust donut gasket residue?
I'm trying to replace the donut gasket on our 2008 Pontiac Vibe (rebadged Toyota Matrix) -- the donut at the connection between the pipe connected to the resonator and the pipe connected to the...
1 year ago
camry lock
Does the camry key cylinder have a mechanical connection with the door latch or does it rely on the electric solenoid? IE.will it open door if there is no power to the solenoid system.
1 year ago
I have a 1994 camry xle v6, with 210000 miles, and the trannie is slipping when i drive. I have a leak, what can I use to save the car in lieu of a re built trannie which costs more than the car is...
1 year ago
Key code for Toyota HiLux 1998?
Toyota can't find this on their computer. Where else would this code be? Peter I found them! Where? It might be useful to others... It's a 1998 Hilux. I read the car user manual (index under ''key'')...
2 years ago 3
Sway Bar Upgrade
I'm interested in sway bar upgrade for better handling. Any recommendations for 1999 Lexus GS400 ? See "Sway Bar Upgrade" here......
2 years ago 1
Radio Does Not Mute for Nav Spoken Directions- 2016 Avalon Limited
Subject says it all. The Entune radio in my 2016 Avalon Limited does not mute when the factory Nav system gives spoken turn by turn directions- thus making them hard to hear/understand them. Dealer...
2 years ago
Easy to change spark plugs on 2005 Camry XLE
Watched some videos on Youtube and it seems the front three are easy but the back are behind the manifold and it looks a bit daunting. Anyone done it before? If so, how long does it take for a novice?...
2 years ago
2015 Prius speakers
Are the dash-mounted speaker grilles the same in the 2015 Prius Two as they are in the Prius Four? Perce
2 years ago