Toyota recalls 250 vehicles in two separate campaigns

Toyota is keeping on top of things by issuing two, small recalls on 2015 model year vehicles.
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TORRANCE, Calif., February 17, 2015 ? Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., today announced it will conduct a safety recall of approximately 230 Model Year 2015 Yaris hatchbacks and approximately 20 Model Year 2015 Tacoma TRD Pro model pickup trucks.
In the involved Yaris vehicles, the rear axle bearing bolts may not have been tightened sufficiently during vehicle assembly. If a bolt is loose and falls off during vehicle operation, the bolt could damage rear brake components, resulting in reduced brake performance or potential wheel lock up, which could increase the risk of a crash.
The Tacoma TRD Pro model pickup trucks were distributed to dealers in Puerto Rico without the correct B-pillar tire placard indicating the tire size and recommended cold tire inflation pressure for the front and rear tires. An improperly inflated tire can increase the risk of a crash.
Toyota is not aware of any crashes, injuries, or fatalities caused by either condition.
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