What causes the *Engine Warning Light* not illuminated when ignition is turned
on? Have realised that when turned on the ignition, the engine warning light
does not illuminate and engine would give a cranking sound. Only when the
negative terminal of the battery is removed and placed back again would the
engine starts. What do you think the fault would be?
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Santos Siota
I would check the fuses, circuit breakers, relays, etc. Oil level full. Something is causing your engine not to start and it could be an engine protection issue by the computer.
By removing and replacing the neg battery cable, you clear that 'safety' code and the engine can be started until the code gets reset.
I would have someone get a code scanner and read the codes during times the engine does not start. You may have a bad sensor saying there is no oil pressure or something like that.
Engine warning light is generally yellow. In this case you need a red warning light, which most cars do not have. My guess is that is why it does not illuminate but not sure on that one and is likely no important.
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