New Volvo's, synthetic oil or not?

Does anyone know if the new Volvo's come with synthetic oil from the factory or if they are using normal oil. They told us the service interval is 12000kms between oil changes (and the salesman recommended more like 8000kms to be on the safe side - which we agreed with as well) and i'd just like to know what oil they use... Forgot to ask while at the dealership.
We're considering adding a 2005 XC70 to our little fleet of cars, should go along nicely with our 1993 960, which will "replace" our 2003 Golf CL (too many stupid BS problems with it... using our 12 year old Volvo as a commuter car is the better option - isn't THAT nice to hear!!!) and the XC70 will take over the 960's job as the families main car for long trips and such, towing, working, getting groceries... etc etc.
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Rob Guenther
representative what type of oil they recommend. They said they used a synthethic/regular blend. When I went for an oil change at our local Volvo dealer, I asked what type oil they would put in. They said they use regular oil and had no knowlege of what I was told at the factory. I decided to use the blend and have been supplying it to the dealer. They have no problem using my oil despite their having to give up the profit margin on their own oil. I follow the manual recommendation to change oil every 7500 miles.
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