S80 fog light question

I have a 1999 Volvo S80. I don't need a fog light per se. My S80
doesn't have the fog light assembly installed. Instead it has those
knock-outs (is that what its called), that are plastic pieces that fit
in the holes where the fog light goes.
I lost one. Would anyone know where I can find/buy a replacement? The
hole looks awful, so I'm trying to find the same thing to fill it in.
All the parts websites I've seen sell lots of fog light lens, kits,
bulbs, etc, but I can't seem to find this particular piece.
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A boneyard would be the cheapest source, otherwise buy one new from Volvo. Don't spend too much time searching for a part that should sell for no more than $50.00 new. It may have to be painted to match your car.
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eBay would be my bet. I found a set of rear deck speakers for my '93 940 there for only $40 -- they came in mint condition and work perfectly. The dealer wanted $270 EACH!
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