1995 VW Golf only 146,000 km

on it, black, auto... car is in good shape for 11 years old, plus has lots of new parts that we've put in it for my wife over the past two years (her car) including two sets of wheels and rims bought last year (winter/summer). Main challenge is when the car hits 60km for some reason there is a delay and the RPM's rev for a few seconds then it kicks in and the car works beautifully after that. VW dealer did some tests and they were inconclusive... Anyway, I just bought a newer car this week and we don't need two as we have a condo and only one spot, plus wifey walks to work (we live downtown). Not looking for much, would just prefer to sell it (reasonably) to someone who would appreciate a low mileage older car - the dealers dont. We are open to any reasonable offers including the extra tires, dealer serviced for 11 years, all records.... snipped-for-privacy@rogers.com
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