Changing timing chain on a Chrysler 3.3L V6 - what to expect?

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The concensus from this group is that my car (1990 Grand Caravan with
3.3L) has a worn timing chain (rattle from left side of engine at idle,
goes away as engine speed increases)
Most likely I'm going to be taking a pretty long trip relatively soon
(~1,200 miles each way), so I'm planning to change the timing chain
before that trip.
I've never changed a timing chain before - in fact, the most complex
thing (not very complex...) that I've done is change the transmission
fluid and filter on this engine.
My dad will be helping me with this, but the last time he changed a
timing chain was probably 25 years ago.  What should we expect.  We do
have the shop manual for the car.  That said, are there any good
documents online that show how to do it? (I couldn't find any.)
Are there any "gotchas" to watch out for.  Any things we might as well
replace while we have it taken apart?  Hopefully a list of
seals/gaskets/etc we need to purchase ahead of time to install as
replacements?  Any brands of timing chains/gears that are good or bad?
Any kits that include everything I need, but are still reasonably
Basically, any guidance would be appreciated.

Eric Kotz

Re: Changing timing chain on a Chrysler 3.3L V6 - what to expect?
Very straight forward job, you will see the timing marks on the gear, line
em up before disassembly and make sure the marks are lined the same when
when you reassemble, If you go with Mopar parts, the last one I did still
did not come with the crank shaft gear.
Ask them when you purchase it.

Good luck'
Glenn Beasley
Chrysler Tech
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Re: Changing timing chain on a Chrysler 3.3L V6 - what to expect?
I did this on a 93  3.3, don't know if the engines are the same.  The actual
job wasn't that bad, you have to support the engine because you must remove
the passenger side motor mount.  You also need to move the A/C out of the
way if so equipped.  The hardest part was getting the crank pulley on.  It
doesn't just slide on.  I had to heat it up. It's probably best to get the
entire set, crank and cam pulley and the chain.  Also, you'll need the
gasket set for the timing chain cover.  It contains gaskets and o-rings.
While you're in there you might as well replace the water pump.

hope this helps,

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