98 Dodge Ram Won't start

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The other morning I went out the start my 1998 Dodge Ram 4x4.  It wound
not strart.  It turned over just find.  It was very cold and damp out.
My coworkers and I pushed it into a warm hangar.  I attempted to start
it in about 2 hours.  It started fine.  I drove it around and restarted
it several times.  I then left it out without starting it for just over
24 hours.  Again it would not start and again bringing it into a warm
are (this time for only and hour) allowed it to start with ease.

The saga continues.  I drove and started the engine for about a week,
even in very cold weather, with no problem.
then yesterday, on Christmas Eve, I went out to start it after it had
sat for 24 hours, and again it would not start.  The temp was above
freezing, but the humidity was extremely high, we were experiencing
light rain and fog.  This would lead me to believe my problem is
moisture related and not temp.

Has any one experienced this problem?
Does anyone know how to check?
I took it to a mechanic and he said that I had to have the vehicle
where it wouldn't start for him to check it out.


Re: 98 Dodge Ram Won't start

I had the same problem.  a replacement ingition coil did the trick
Hope this helps.

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Re: 98 Dodge Ram Won't start

I have exactly the same thing going on with my 01 Ram.  If it sits for
longer than a day or so in rainy conditions, it has trouble starting
(turns over fine) - either it won't or its REALLY rough starting.  Also
noticed that occaisionally I get power fluctuations (almost a bucking)
when first running it after a wet start.  goes away after 20 minutes or
so of running it.

My thoughts are it has to be electrical.  Was kind of leaning toward
possibly the TPS.   TWiklanski's ignition comment is very interesting
though.  Wonder which I should start with.  Both are relatively cheap
and easy.

Have you had any luck yet, Tex?


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