Boxer engine better?

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I have a 1997 Outback with 187,000 miles that may be put out to pasture
after I get it back from having a head gasket replacement.  If the
repair bill is over $1500 I may sell it and get a newer Outback or
Forester and was wondering if improvements have been made to the
respective engines of these models since 1997.  Research on Groups
leads me to believe  the DOHC engine I have was a head gasket bomb
waiting to explode. The basic 2006 Outback comes with a SOHC engine and
the turbo and 6 cylinder upgrades are DOHC.  My other option is to pay
the bill, drive it into the ground and pretend like I don't know what
car payments are for a little while longer.  Thoughts requested...

Re: Boxer engine better?

Subaru redesigned H4 engine to SOHC 2.5 l starting w/ MY 1999 for
Forester and  MY 2000 for Outback; while 1996-1999 DOHC boxers were
notorous for internal HG failure ( fire ring corrosion/breakage, which
resulted in leaking  exhaust fumes  into coolant jackets, leaking oil
into combustion chamber, leaking coolant into oil passages, leaking
coolant into combustion chamber, and all  the other  disastrous stuff),
early, i.e. 2000- 2003 SOHC engines for Outback displayed only external
coolant/oil weep; Subaru recalled those engines and the remedy was
putting "miracle glue" into cooling system, which formed a heat -
activated colloidal suspension, and was reportedly supposed to
strenghthen potential crack spots in HG; I own 2000 MY outback ltd. and
since i bought it year ago it had the mentioned  weep ( coolant on the
driver side and oil on passenger side - both low bottom parts of HG -
towards firewall of engine compartment); dealer applied "miracle glue"
to my Subaru and apparently  in the summer problem with coolant weeping
appeared to be taken care of - what worsened was oil seepage, not
substantial, though - i didnot even have to add oil between changes;
currently - with  outside temperatures in single digits seepage pattern
somehow reversed -  my Subie weeps cooland  but no oil :)
to make a long story short - I can live with the problem as long as I
watch my oil and coolant levels; I do not noticeing to get worse as
time  passes - it just remains  stable , in seasonally adjusted
patterns; I might have  my mechanic look at  head bolts  , and possibly
retorque them while  he replaces my timing belt , crank and cam seals,
oil pump seal, and water pump but I do not believe I will need total HG
replacement ( rumor has it  Subaru redesigned head gaskets few times
since  2000 and the recent  ones work perfectly - but i'm sorta
nonbeliever in that matter)

Re: Boxer engine better?

I have a 2004 Subaru Outback 2.5i and it burns a quarter of oil in 2.500
miles, since the first day (and I buy tis car new in may-2004).  drive with
it 50.000 Km in a familiar use (I never execed the 4500 rpm, I  drive betwen
2.000 and 4.000 rpm).. I try use many oil type: CEPSA 5-40, Motul 8100 5-40,
Castrol TXT 5-50, but it burns the same oil.

Subaru say that It is normal util a quarter in 1.000 miles. For me this
engine is a oil-guzzler.

I noticed others Subaru 2.5i 2004 engines whith the same problem, but many
Subaru 2.0i, 2.0T and 3.0i with no oil consomation.

Now Subaru announces a new engine 2.0i 165HP in Legacy, in substitution the
2.5i 165HP engine. It plans eliminate this 2.5i engine?


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