84 Blazer Wiper problem

I have a 1984 K5 Blazer 4x4 and ever since I bought it the wipers wont go back down when I turn them off. During the wiping stage,fast or slow, the
wipers complete the stroke and wipe from the bottom edge of the windshield to the correct position and back again, no problem. When I turn them off they go back to the bottom of the windshield then pop back up, maybe a third of the way up again. If I set them so they return to the bottom of the windshield when turned of they go way past the edge of the windshield. I once pulled the wiper motor and it looked fine, so did the linkages.
Today I took the wiper electrical connecters and a small looking relay off the wiper motor. There is a cam setup inside the wiper assembly. This cam switches the wipers off at the designated point. There is a piece of flat spring steel bent to touch the cam and it has a contact piece like the points of a distributor. When the cam is in the right spot the contact is broken which in turn shuts off the power to the wipers.
So, I bent this back so it would contact the cam earlier through it's revolution and this stopped the wipers closer to the bottom of the windshield. About the right spot according to the manual. I will have to see how it goes over time.
Has any one else run into this kind of problem, or is there another way to fix this problem.
To Paul, who said that the wiper module was under the dash near the ashtray, I couldn't find it but I believe it was incorporated in the wiper motor of my Blazer. If this is not the case please let me know.
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