Microsoft Requests Lobbying for Its 'Monopoly Enabler'

crosoft offers Architects a view
,----[ Quote ] | Oh, and Nick McGrath (director of platform strategy at Microsoft Ltd) | wants us all to petition our local standards body (BSI) to support
| the ratification of Ecma Open XML as an ISO standard (a pleading | letter was included in the conference pack). "The issue should be | technical, not political," he says. Really? Since when was | standards-making not political, in part at least? Why do you | think that the (mostly excellent) OMG UML 2.0 standard has | redundancies in it, if not to keep participating vendors happy? | | No, the real issue with standards is the follow-on availability | of cheap, effective interoperability testing suites. I don't | really see why we can't have overlapping standards, where Open | XML, say, supports conversion from legacy Microsoft Office | document formats into something more open, and ODF supports | a simple universal (but less rich) document format for everybody | else to use. `---- /
Lobbying examples below.
Q&A: Former Mass. CIO feels 'bittersweet pride' after battles with Microsoft, legislature
,----[ Quote ] | As CIO of Massachusetts from February to November last year, Louis | Gutierrez had to endure most of the brunt of Microsoft Corp.'s political | wrath over a state policy calling for the adoption of the Open Document | Format for Office Applications, or ODF -- a rival to the software vendor's | Office Open XML file format. | | [...] | | Do you see any reason for there to be two standards? If you were | starting blank-slate, there certainly would not be value to creating | two separate standards. Over time, it has sometimes been useful to | have the competition of two standards to keep both sides honest. | But I don't see particular value in the long-term co-existence of | two separate standards. `---- 12760&source=rss_news50

,----[ Quote ] | Quinn: Almost to a person, to anybody involved or who knows about | the ODF issue, they attributed the story to Microsoft, right, wrong | or otherwise. Senator Pacheco may be a bully but I do not believe he | is disingenious and would stoop to such a tactic. Senator Pacheco and | Secretary Galvin's office remain very heavily influenced by the | Microsoft money and its lobbyist machine, as witnessed by their | playbook and words, in my opinion. | | Quinn: I believe that the ODF decision will stand. I believe MS | will continue to do anything and everything it can to stop it. And I | know my seat wasn't even empty and they (MS) took another shot at | the title, to no avail. This horse is out of the barn and I see no | way for it to go back in. Remember, all we are asking for was and is | for Microsoft to commit to open and the standards process; so | everyone looks really bad if the plug gets pulled at this juncture. `---- 060119232859729
MA Governor-Elect Names MS Anti-ODF Lobbyist to Technology Advisory Group 061128161343183
The Sorry State of Massachusetts 06111603531029
Microsoft offers schools in Mass. free software (to stop ODF adoption) `90196&subj=news
Microsoft plays Massachusetts Senate card
Politics and tech companies: follow the money
Years of deadlock on EU patent bring some new thinking
,----[ Quote ] | "A source that deals with the company said unofficially that Gates | proposed Microsoft's Digital Rights Management technology as a national | standard to fight piracy at the governmental level." `---- /
Leaked letter warns of open source 'threat to eco-system'
Study: open source needs official support; Lobbyist disagrees with "flawed" conclusions
Report Says Nonprofits Sold Influence to Abramoff
Open Source Foes In Bed With Abramoff /10/12/2036223&from=rss
EU official joins consultancy serving Microsoft 06-10-03T134311Z_01_L03693228_RTRIDST_0_TECH-MICROSOFT-OFFICIAL.XML&rpcf&type=qcna
US ambassador to the EU was former Microsoft lobbyist
US politicians go to bat for Microsoft /
Changing the Report, After the Vote
Microsoft playing three card monte with XML conversion
,----[ Quote ] | Gary Edwards of the Open Document Foundation, a leading member | of its technical committee, says Microsoft is playing proprietary | games aimed at controlling XML file formats and preventing the | Open Document Format from gaining a foothold. `---- 9
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