Question about improving A/C and engine cooling...

I'm running the 2nd vinegar treatment through it now.
I bought a water-hose "repair kit" at Wal-Mart and attached it to a
heater hose, then flushed the whole system with the garden hose till it ran clear.
Then I pulled the radiator, capped it off completely, then repeated the flushing straight from the hose. I installed my heater/garden hose attachment to where the heater core connects with the hose on, brown crap came out, continued till it ran clear from all holes. (I'd block the upper and lower holes with my hands, and let it squirt out the draincock, then block the drain, and let it shoot out the top, then let it shoot out the bottom, till all ran clear)
I filled it with vinegar and let it sit about 2.5-3 hours before draining it. The stuff came out milky-white. I repeated the clean-water flushing cycle with the hose till clear, then refilled it with fresh vinegar 5 minutes ago, so now I'm back to waiting.
When I'm putting it all back together, I'm just going to run a new piece of 5/8" heater hose from the intake manifold to the radiator and not even have the heater core connected for now. It'll only be a 5 minute fix to reinstall. I'll get around to installing a valve, like you did, later.
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