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......................... REQ: Perhaps somehas an idea about this odd 2001 GMC Jimmy issue - Thxs to all who read/answer Group: Date: Thu, Jun 26, 2003, 2:39pm
(CDT+5) From: (seeker) Hi all.. I bought a new 2001 GMC Jimmy 4WD in Nov 2000. Today, it still only has 23000 miles on it. This vehicle has had continuing electyrical problems from new as follows: 1. Going over even a small bump (aka even a slight "crack in the road" as SLOW speed (1 mph) may cause ALL of the dash warning lamps to come on....for about 10 seconds ...exactly in the manner as they appear when the vehicle is started. This does NOT cause the engine to stall. It would seem (to me) to indicate an intermittant connection feeding power to the computer...which likely controls the sequence of lights at startup. A very short power interruption...long enoughjt to trigger the diag-sequcne, not long enough for the engine to stops. IDEAS? 2. Problem 2 (may or not be related)....On June 5l of this year, one morning the vehicle started, but as soon as I let got of the key, a few seconds later it stalled. This repeated 10-12 times. Finally, I managed to keep it going, then it seemed ok. Made an appointment for service for the next day, but after driving about 10 miles (3 stops) I came to a traffic light and the engine at about 10 mph speed) stopped. At that moment, I had ZERO electrical power, so I could not even use the e. flashers, or even move the shifte (A/T) to remove my KEY! No chance...the dealer (4 miles away) refused to tow the car (!!!!!) or even call GM road-side assistance. Finally, the police came along and called a tow which cost $100- and should have been freee via GM! The dealer is still fighting about paying for this! In any case, the battery was dead...they replaced the alternator (the second replacement in 23K miles!). The car drove ok for 400 miles (2 weeks). On June 24, the car started normally in the AM. I drove about 8 miles, with about 4 stops. ON trying to start (5th start of the day), the car started, but as soon as I released the key it quickly stumbled and died. This repeated 5 more times, including once when while the negine was running, all warning lamps came (as per usual start sequence). Finally...I gave up and had the car towed back to the dealer again. Of coursem, this took a few hours and by then the vehicle started ok!!!!!!!! ANY IDEAS............. Thanks for help, comments etc. .........................
Call the GM 800 number, tell them how well your dealer is treating your prob.
Or better yet, let them look at it again, get the paper work when they can't fix it. Do this several times over the next month. Don't complain, don't raise hell, just let em document it. When they can't fix it in 4 tries........LEMON LAW their ass and give the truck back...and see if they like the loss sell.
Do a google on Lemon Law. Through the information in their faces if you want to keep that particuler truck. It will help them work with you a little more diligently if they know you're pissed enough to turn the truck back in.
good luck..and keep us posted
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