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Ok, the HF scanner works on my 98 Toyota and the church's 03 chevy van, but
not my 99 Suburban. I am looking at either the Equus 3130 or the Actron
CP9185. Any recommendations about these scanners?
Mike D.
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Michael Dobony
What does it do when you plug it in? Do you have power and ground at the proper pins (Should have a good ground at pins 4 and 5 and battery voltage at pin 16) If you don't have battery voltage at pin 16 check to see if the lighter socket is working. Could be a blown fuse and they are usually on the same one. Lack of ground would be a wiring problem.
IF you have a good ground and power then I would take it to a place like AutoZone who will usually scan them for free. Have them plug in their scan tool and see if it works.
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Steve W.
I went with Car codes program for a laptop several years ago.
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With the full CAN kit I can access all the modules, IE abs, bcm, security, etc. . Was the cheapest option at the time and works just fine on my '99 Yukon and my other vehicles.
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