Sun Visor Removal, 2003 Trailblazer

I purchased a new Compass/Temp/Dimming rear view mirror and need to route a power wire from the roof headliner. I was able to remove the locking clip for the sun visor with a torx #20 driver. The problem is there is no screw to remove, just a 1/16 hole. As I rotate the visor a slot appears. If I put a piece of 1/16 gas welding rod in the hole I'm able to rotate what feels like a locking ring. At about a quarter turn it gets loose, however, it will not come out. Is there a trick in removing the sun visor in these newer vehicles?
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Mark in Ohio
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here's what i found :
Sunshade Replacement Removal Procedure Remove the windshield garnish molding. Refer to Garnish Molding Replacement - Windshield Pillar . Release the front assist handle from the headliner. Refer to Assist Handle Replacement . Recline the bucket seat and release the upper portion of the center pillar trim panel. Refer to Garnish Molding Replacement - Center Pillar . Open and rotate the sunshade parallel to the side window.
Insert a small tool into the bezel access hole (1).
Important Midway through the rotation cycle, the tool will move further into the access hole.
Push upward on the tool while rotating the sunshade parallel to the windshield. The sunshade pivot arm bezel should appear to be recessed into the bezel. Ensure the pivot arm is recessed into the bezel before removing the sunshade from the headliner.
Apply outboard pressure to the sunshade while the sunshade is parallel to the windshield. Pull the sunshade downward while maintaining outboard pressure to the sunshade. You will notice a separation between the headliner and the sunshade bezel. In order to remove the sunshade from the headliner, carefully grab the headliner at the windshield pillar area and apply downward pressure while gently rocking the sunshade up and down.
Remove the inboard retainer screw. Remove the inboard retainer (1) from the headliner. If the vehicle is equipped with lighted sunshades, perform the following steps: Reach above the headliner to access the electrical connector (1). Remove the electrical connectors from the headliner substrate. Disconnect the sunshade electrical connector from the headliner harness. Remove the sunshade from the vehicle. Installation Procedure If the vehicle is equipped with lighted sunshades, perform steps 2 through 8:
well that's most of it
good luck
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That did the trick, I knew that I was close, would of never figured to push it out off to the side.
Thanks again and have a most excellent day,
Mark in Ohio
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