Remove Front Passanger Seat From RSX

How difficult is it to remove the front passenger seat from an 2005 RSX? I have a long object (9'6" kayak) that I want to carry.
Thanks, Gary
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Gary Brown

"Gary Brown" wrote in news:uWdvl.38472$ snipped-for-privacy@newsfe20.iad:
Four bolts, one at each end of the two seat tracks, and she's out.
You must first disconnect the battery ground cable and wait three minutes (according to the manual) before proceeding further. You have airbag (explosive) components connected to the seat which require to be treated with great care.
You need to remove the four plastic covers from the bolts on the seat tracks before you can see the bolts to remove them.
Once the bolts are out, tilt the front of the seat up towards the rear a bit until you can see the electrical connectors under the seat. Unplug all (four?) of them. Pull seat out of car.
I've never tried driving such a car with these connectors unplugged, but there's a good chance the SRS light will come on, since the SRS system will discover some of its parts to be missing and will therefore disable itself. You'll just have to ignore the light until you can re-install the seat again.
You may want to consider a roof rack instead.
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