$700.00 Nut

So, it's 5:30 PM, and I'm driving down a major boulevard in a minor city, turn off (left) onto a less busy side street, go over a set of RR tracks, and hear "ta-bing -thump!"
Yep, just like that. Front left.
Next little pot-hole it's just the thump, but it has a family with it, and when I make the right turn a ways down, the intermittent CREAK!
Omigawd, I thought, the awful Audi Creak. The Squeak. I've read about that on the NG. Upper and lower control arms, mebee, or tie rod ends or something.
I pull over and call my favorite mechanic, who's in the process of closing up shop. Nice guy (and should be, I guess, after 30 years of repeat business.)
So I drive the 6 miles, slowly and cautiously, thumping at each dip or bump, creaking on every turn.
He gets in, and drives to a vacant parking lot for a test. Up the drive and *thump!*. "Wow", he said "that *doesn't* sound happy."
Did a turn: creeeaaaakkk!
So he pulls over, I spend some time bouncing the front end while he inspects behind the wheel with a pocket flashlight. thump thump-thump. I'm thinking $700.00, minimum. "Well" he says, "you don't have a broken coil spring." I'm gratified, he's really puzzled.
"Let's go back to the shop" he says, but just then reached behind the wheel once more and said "What's this?"
A bit of twisting and he showed me a black walnut, shell and all, that had managed to get securely lodged in the coil spring.
My 'saved me $700.00' Nut. But a few tense moments.
Damned squirrels.
Lloyd *****
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