Re: 1994 E32 740iL total non-problem Somebody. says...

No worries; I hoped someone might; it was more a public "thank you" for the many hours JB has spent on my pride and joy, and also to John Burns for his confirmation of the E39 alloys problem and solution; within 24 hours I'd sourced a fix, and the thing was 100% again [1]

Don't get me wrong; I'd love a little more to spend :)
I drove a late 750i sport about 5 years ago; my ex-boss' car and a perfect balance between gizmos and control. I don't need the extra rear leg room of the iL, but I can't currently afford the later sports model prices. But I've also driven 2 very recent M3s, and I can't help thinking BMW have lost their way a little; it was always a *driver's* car first and everything else second, and to me it gets no better than the 2nd and 3rd generation M5s; big saloons that transport 4 or 5 adults in comfort, while being huge fun when there's only the driver at the wheel.
For anyone lurking and wanting a 5 or 7 series; this is the time. People are freaking over petrol prices, and for anyone not doing huge mileages it's an ideal time to snap up a bargain. Go along armed with info, buy something that needs only a little work, then find someone talented and generous enough to give their time at cost to do it up :)
If I had the space I'd not sell this one; I'd add to the collection, but I'd keep the E32 7 Series as a shining example of how a car can be built; as a lifelong Jag nut, the handling (and durability of the ancillaries) is a revelation. There's just no comparison. Compared to the 4 litre XJ40 Sov I owned before, the beemer is tougher, handles *miles* better, gets similar mpg while delivering 50 bhp more, and doesn't break switchgear every 100 miles. And, thanks to eurocarparts, is actually cheaper to buy bits for!
[1] for anyone having problems of this nature in the UK, "Wheels UK" of Nuneaton, Warcs are a friendly, knowledgeable bunch who like beemer owners and will make sure you're sorted out for pennies (25) -- Bear BMW 740iL - Stately progress for the mature gentleman
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