Re: christmas gratings

I warned everyone to get out of the Stock Market once Gingrich and the GOPerps gutted the FDR protections he put in with banks and such ... as FDR
came to the understand the Rich Foxs are not right with God.
Used to be, people with money in the USA ... did business on a handshake, their word was their bond ... FDR could not figure out the toddler tantrum but he did figure out how the Rick Foxs ... just fox with people, fox them over, want to foxing kill them, maybe even Jonestown out with foxing dead bodies. Again ... the toddler tantrum at work.
Anyhow ... some people heard me ... and saved their money. Sorry you did not get the word, and did not have the wit to see how Gingrich and the GOPers put this into play long ago.
They made Enron happen to California, and now they have Enroned the whole USA for the past 8 years ... all at the courtesy of Bush the Worst.
Shoe the man outta office.
I sent a slipper for Christmas ... he just would not understand coal in his stocking.
More War Years, More War Years.
One of these days you will grow tired of getting foxed by them.
They fox your children, then they fox your laws, as they are the foxing law ... they are the cops, the DA, the judges, the Governors, the Presidents ... who fox you all the time.
All hail our Jealous God of FIRE who makes babies with His Daughters to see how far that disease goes into the malignancy of the social consciousness.
Bow to the Power of Moses and His Serpent Staff !!!
sumbuddie wear blind sea
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