Who got the TARP loans - Same people who blew it last time

hey guys ..
word on the street .. those loans that they Pill Grims Dems and GOPerps are saying have to be out on the street.
Well those loans have been made, it is for more strip malls and houses that
no one will buy ... so these large construction companies of Big Money FWBC memebers ... got big bucks again and are doing nothing with it but sitting idle in some construction material and some cold work sites ... as the tennet of the work site is not ready to occupy it.
Soooo ... the TARP money is out there and nothing is happening and the loans have been made, and the donations kick backs are coming in ... all is well with the world of the Grim Pills and the next election cycle in keeping the Bernie Sanders of the USA out of office.
Not gonna work in small States like the Delaware or the Vermont as every one knows every one else ... but in big States like the California or the Texas ... big money rules the election they hang and kill off the ones they don't like they were a Minnasota Senator.
So the last people who blew the last bit of money with sweetheart deals between Exchange Bank that is losing all it's business except for LOANS ... that is going great with $49 million to NINA loan out 100% financing on a siguature cause you are such a good bank customer.
Well these same people got the new bucks out of the treasury thanks to Lynn Woolsey and paying off her contributors like they were a Cheverolet Dealership in Cloverdale getting tax payers money on the vote of a few numbskulls.
I can see why you guys don't trust Obamabush ... yet you voted for him ... hummm ... I suppose it is because of poor judgement. At least you guys are seeing the sick foxs a little sooner ... hopefully you will see them ahead of time and figure them out for the perpatrators they are.
Since you guys are sick ... here is a clue for your emotional intelligence.
IF YOU LIKE SOMEONE ... like you got it on with Bush the Worst ... remember you liked him, beer buddy ... gonna vote for him ... well it means you have toxic bond to a wife beater. A dry drunk.
So you like someone .. right now means ... that person is a sick fox.
Stay away ...
It is what you are attracted.
As you get healthier ... you will like healthy people and see the sick foxs for what they are.
Right now ... you are doing it the hard way as you are emotionally blind.
19 Months ... you get to vote out the Whole House of Represenatives if you like, and replace them all with Independents like Bernie Sanders who will do the job right, balance the budget, do the Constitution .. and not do a Woolsey on you.
Or do a Chenny up your arse as they lie to you.
In the mean time since you will not do a re-call election .. survive the hard way ... cause they are not gonna be any help to you at all as time goes by. Everything they are doing is bad for you. Bad for your future.
75% of you know it and don't like the TARP, dont like the SPENDING STIMULAS plan, dont like the WAR, dont like the IDIOTS.
Told you to vote for Bernie Sanders ... this would be all fixed now.
Well you were raised to be foxed ... still getting foxed.
Sorry for you Mr and Mrs America ... hope you wake up soon and cry out the bitter salty tears.
90 Days and you can have open eyes after all the rain falls.
sumbuddie wear blind sea
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