Re: Cleaning Alloy Wheels

I am sure this subject has been covered before but I have looked back in <br />this newsgroup and checked several forums with no luck.<br /><br
/>I have just purchased a '96 323i (Australia) but in only the couple of weeks <br />I have owned it, the wheels are already covered in brake dust.<br /><br />I have looked at some spray on wheel cleaners but they all give strong <br />warnings about being alkaline, and not to be used if your wheels/brakes/pads <br />contain certain metals.<br /><br />My `spokes' attach to the rim in 20 points so there are lots of nooks and <br />crannies to clean.<br /><br />Is there an easy way to clean these wheels, something (harmless) that can be <br />sprayed on and hosed off, or use a high pressure hose?<br /><br />Thanks<br />Don <br /><br /><br />
Make sure the alloy wheels is cool. Never spray a wheel cleaner on a hot wheel as it can cause a chemical reaction and permanently stain the wheel. Rinse first or depending upon the chemical. Severely dirty wheels with plastic center caps should be removed first to avoid possible damage. Start spraying wheel cleaner from the bottom up to avoid streak runs. Wheel faces should be cleaned with a wash mitt or a soft brush. A parts solvent brush can be used around lug nuts and a soft toothbrush in the nooks and crannies. After all the wheels have been done, move the vehicle forward to expose the upper portion of the wheel that would have not been cleaned properly during the initial wheel cleaning process. After washing, wheels should be polished and waxed.
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