service engine soon light

new to BMW 323i, and first time joining group.
had service engine soon light, come on and car was running not well at idle
went to autozone and borrowed code reader, error was #3 cylinder missing, c
hanged plugs, seems to be running much better but light is still on, on oth
er cars I have had the service engine soon light could be cleared but I hav
e not read anything about that in owners manual.
does light reset automatically (maybe after some # of starts) ?
does anybody have a e-copy of service manual?
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What year, what engine, what configuration?
That would likely be a thing you'd do with the service tool, if this is an OBD-II car. On the other hand, it might still be pitching new errors. If this is a model with a distributor, check the cap and rotor and. If it's a model with individual coils, check with a timing light. Then use the service tool (the autozone code reader _might_ work but might not, depends on the model of reader and year of the car).
You can get the service manual for a pretty reasonable fee on CD-ROM if it's one of the years that are available from the dealer on CD-ROM. If it's older than the CD-ROM sets, paper copies are plentiful. All depends on the year. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

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