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Z34 needs help!!
the heater core about 4 years ago....since then i have struggled to keep the car cool when idling, especially in the summer...i have a new radiator in it, new thermosta, new water pump, nd radiator ca...
13 years ago 7
We have a 99 Bone Stock and looking for the best exhaust system for it. Would appreciate any suggestions.
13 years ago 2
heater/ac control malfunction
The slider handle for heat/cold control is broken off. Can just this portion of the controller be replaced or does the whole unit need to be replaced. Where would I find such parts? Anyone ?
13 years ago 5
Removing mirror from side mirror assembly?
One of the springs on the adjuster for my side mirror has finally given out. I got the mirror off the car, but how do I get the mirror off to get to the inside off the assembly - does it just pop ou...
13 years ago
FS: Virtually brand new CompCam for LS1,2,and 6.
dur. @.050" . .595/.608 " lift. on a 114 LSA. Comes complete with exact matching Comp Cam. Sring Set # 26918-16 and exact matching TrickFlow ChromeMoloy Pushrod set # 7.400 / .080 . Lope at idle. (Idl...
13 years ago
Absolute Coolant Flush
The previous post reminded me of a question I've been there a way to backflush the cooling system "completely" without removing the thermostat? As I see it, with the TS in the system...
13 years ago 1
checking flow of coolant
Hi there, I'm suspicous about the cooling in my 75 camaro. When it's in traffic, standing still, the temperature meter goes off the scale, beyond 250. As soon as it is riding again, it goes to 150. ...
13 years ago 4
69 convertible subframe
I understand that the 69 convertible has a different frame than the hard tops. A solid one-piece design from front to rear. Is that true? If so, Where can I purchase one? I've also seen subframe conn...
13 years ago 1
Re can anyone help me look for a car for rebilding
trying to find one around me thats cheap. So if anyone see a 1980 camaro Z-28 for sale in Houston and its cheap Please Tell Me. I have benn looking for one on the inter net for days.
13 years ago 4
auto window dont work! HELP!!
down all of the way. when its up it goes half way dow and stops but when i try to put it up, it only goes up an inch or so and stops. I will have to wait about 5 minutes and it will go up another inch...
13 years ago 6
200-R4 question
there any modifications needed to have it work properly. I have noticed a small 2 prong plug in on one side and want to know what it connects to. Will my original speedometer work with this tranny o...
13 years ago
I need a new posi track rear end.
I'm thinking of getting a new 12 bolt posi track rear end and would like some info on the best gear ratio that would work for me. I want it to be fast off the line, of course, but I would also like i...
13 years ago 7
Auto Trunk Paint
I need to paint the inside of my nasty trunk on my '68 Camaro. I'm looking at some Trunk Spatter Paint. It sounds easy enough but is there anything I need to know or do before diving into this proje...
13 years ago 2
J-Body Club of Canada ?
I went to the Vancouver Auto Show today, and was referred to a website called J-Body Club of Canada. I can't find this website. Does anyone know about this website or club?
13 years ago 1
another 2.8 3.4 swap
i got a 88 camaro mpfi 2.8. i'm ovioulsy swapping this for a 3.4 out of a 94 camaro. from what i hear and have read much about is that this is a basic bolt on. i'm just woundering since i'm buying the...
13 years ago 1