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FREE WAY SPEED FROM 65 TO 75 MPH??????????
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From a website I visit:
I felt today would be a good day to start a new topic on my truck. Today was my hearing with the BBB and even GM Corp showed up. (I was notified it would be a call in for them, but the non-contact contact Nathanial asked somone in MI to attend, which was probably a good move on his part). I thought great, I will have three people in the truck, the back seat is not cleared off and there will be no vibration due to the extra weight
But if I had been dealing with this gentleman all along (He does service the Lapeer Area Lisa) it never would have made it this far.
So we took the oath, swear the to tell the truth the whole truth....yada yada yada,
I had my say which was basically this is what happened when. Then the GM rep had his chance, which he basically repeated what I said, some questions were asked by the BBB and off on the road trip.
You are not allowed to discuss anything during the road test as it is not taped during this time, but the GM Rep was allowed to ask me to place the vehicle in 4WD and things like that.
I would do as he asked and he felt everything.
We came back and the decision is...... and it is signed by all three parties....
- Monday Oct 3rd my truck goes in to Replace the transfer case that vibrates and roars in 2WD at 60-63mph. According to the GM rep this problem came about by fixing an issue in the 2004 transfer cases. All 2005 Silverado 4WD apparently have this issue. The transfer cases have been reengineered so I will get the new 'improved' version. I told them both it will be easy to see if it works when I head to the UP of Michigan and cross to the westside at that speed. I will know then.
- While the truck is in for the transfer case, GM has 30 days to correct the other vibration. During this time I will drive a 2006 Silverado 4WD on the same roads I normally drive to see if the ride is the same or better. If it is better, the rims and tires will be placed on my truck to see if that corrects my ride after the suspension is redone.
- If the truck is fixed to my satisfaction, I will be given a 100,000 mile no deductible service contract, covering the entire truck, not just the transfer case and whatever else is found.
- If the truck is fixed to my satisfaction, but the tires and rims from the other truck do not make the ride any better, I will also receive another set of new tires in October or November due to a known issue with Bridgestone Duelers. (Not known to me but I guess there is an issue with the current tires have too soft a rubber compound.)
- If I am not satisfied, I will be traded into a new truck.
I was very impressed with this gentleman from GM Corp and how this went. I was really expecting a fight, especially when GM on the original paperwork stated they would not replace the vehicle.
I just want to thank all who read my posts and listened to me moan about how the repairs were not getting anything done, and all the suggestions on what to look at. Those items to look at was given to the BBB and GM Corp.
This is a fantastic forum!!!!!!
Now it is your turn Lisa!!!!!!
Thanks all
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