2005 Silverado comments.

I've taken a couple of long drives now in my 2005 Silverado 4.3 manual , shortbed. 50,000 miles. Id like to make some comments. My previous trucks
were an 82 Suburban, auto , 350 vin m /350/ 411s and a 72 International 345, 2bbl, 3 speed column 411. So I've made a 25 year jump.
I bought what I could afford. And I bought the lowest mileage for the money.
Using Autotrader, I found this at the local dealer. I kept changing my searches , but this vehicle stayed in the searches down to about 13 vehicles. Probably because of the V6 and manual transmission. And price. All the other vehicles were 12 grand or more and high mileage. And used means you have to take what's out there. And I got the the smallest engine. And a shortbed. No options.
I got what I wanted. A more reliable, less rusty, basic truck , with the least amount of electrical BS to break later. And the smallest engine I could get. And financing.
The engine and drive train has a few things kind of different. The engine power band is quite low . Up to about 2500 rpms. The engine starts screaming over 3000 rpms. It does not like the rpms. The tach goes to 5500 with a caution range at 5000. However the transmission likes this range just fine. For the most part so do I. The engine also has general rough running and a couple of vibration bands around 1300 and 2600. The one at 1300 is quite noticeable since your always going through those rpms.
But , the ratios are damn nice down low, and damn nice on the freeway. And the engine doesn't mind moving the vehicle around 600-1000 rpms. Reverse is not as great. The vehicle needs quite a bit of power to go reverse without stalling. Transmission vibration is similar to my International.
This was the big surprise because I've always wanted a lower rpm, last gear ratio in every vehicle I've owned. Not this one . Its pretty damn nice. Idare say that for most people its too low. It makes the vehicle difficult to hold a legal speed on the freeway. And contrary to what I used to believe. Its real easy to screw up your mileage on the freeway on mild hills and traffic.With this low a gear ratio. You need to wait a long time for the speed to change ,after a pedal change, before playing with the gas pedal again. Fourth gear would be fine to as a final gear. So the option to downshift works too.
I'm not thrilled with the clutch setup, Or hydraulics. And the pedal heights. But its working good. Id like the gas pedal farther away, and the clutch closer, or to have a shorter range.
The 33 gallon gas tank is appreciated, Since the Suburban had a 40. I did about 210 miles on a 3/8ths tank. A little city, Freeway I was around 70ish. I got on it some . I'm guessing my mileage is about 15-20 .
Its got a very mild mid range accelerating hesitation, Like its leaning out , It drives through it, Might be plugs, Which I'm going to change, just to see.
The bed light is liked much,
The paint is very good, the sheetmetal is thin, and it rust too fast.
Suspension is car like, Vehicle is quiet, brakes appear excellent, Anti lock works great. I've got one dash rattle, but it looks like somebody was under there before.
More or less I'm not thrilled with all the changes, most of which are good. which are mostly due to making lighter vehicles. And the EPA envirofag mileage police happy
As it sits, Id like to get it rustproofed, change the trans gear oil and rear end oil to a thicker one, But its some new spec oil I don't know about. paint all the brake lines, the oil cooler, get a set of snow tires, and bed rails, take some of the bolts out and anti seize them up, and put it back together. For later.
If the vehicle doesn't strand me , or require a clutch , or blow up for 10 years or 12,000 miles. , I'm happy.
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